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The happy, outdoor life is something to treasure in these pandemic hit times.

Visitors loved the bright colours of Trio Ulti’s sportswear and the outdoor camping gear from Explorer Outfitter at the exhibition held by The Artisans Haven at The Linc.

They were interested in the tent for camping and director’s chair with its shade and fold-in backpack, said Ben Ong at the Action and Adventure station at The Linc.


Most Fun Gym

At The Artisans Haven, the excitement, energy and fun of Action and Adventure, can be experienced at the Most Fun Gym (MFG).

A four-acre motocross park of land and hill that gives riders the thrill of off-road riding, MFG also helps many desk and home-bound clients get some good exercise in the open air.

Working from home for the most part of last year, going into this year, clients realize the need for relaxation while getting a mind and body workout at MFG.

“It can be addictive,’’ said MFG founder and ex-motocross champion, On Kah Beng. “They learn  defensive skills in motorbike riding while at the same, undertake a series of multi-tasking.’’

Motocross is a form of off-road motorbike racing on enclosed off-road circuits.

His oldest student, Gabrina Byrne, says:“Sifu Oh is always patient and encouraging; his explanation is always easy to understand.’’

He is willing to share his knowledge not only on riding skills but also on motorbike mantainence and even coaching.

Gabrina, who used to ride a kapchai, had joined MFG in 2017, after enrolling her son.

“When I first started, I was very nervous; with him running alongside and correcting my faults, I became more confident, so much so that I got myself a clutch road bike KX150.

“Now, I ride with confidence on the road, rain or shine,’’ says Gabrina.

The surroundings at MFG brings you back to nature; it puts you at ease to chill, mix around and enjoy the ride!

Gabrina’s major achievement was to scale the Graduation Hill.

“At my age of 60, I feel that my training at MFG has given me a lifetime achievement that I am proud of,’’ says Gabrina.

Since the lifting of MCO, the weekends at MFG have been filled with coaching sessions conducted by Oh himself and three other trained instructors.

MFG has seen a 40% increase in new clients, with more ladies coming out to experience the freedom of riding in a motocross park.

Oh had made his mark in motor racing as early as 19 when he won in his first Penang Grand Prix production race on a Yamaha RD250.

In the 1980s, Oh was the top local rider for Suzuki and Yamaha; he emerged second overall at the Macau GP production race on a Yamaha FZ750.

In 1991, Oh took part in the Suzuki RG250 as a guest rider, and went on to win the race.

Check out https://www.artisanshaven.com.my/retailers/most_fun_gym


Explorer Outfitter

With only inter-district travel allowed, more people are getting items online from Explorer Outfitter for camping on their farms or land in their kampungs.

These family camping trips are conducted in small

groups of less than 20 people, according to standard operating procedures (SOPs).

It may be just travelling nearby but still, it is travel that ‘broadens the mind and opens the heart,’ to quote Thomas Foo, partner at Explorer Outfitter.

With activities still on a small scale, sales at Explorer Outfitter that promotes outdoor gear for hiking, travelling and adventure, has ‘a bit more life’ now.

A top seller is the director’s chair which is going at 30% discount, at RM177 from RM252.90.

It comes with a shade, a steel frame and is made of good material; people with the budget find it a good buy.

Normally used by directors when shooting a film, parents with children in international schools used this director’s chair while they waited for their children to finish practising their games.

Within these family camping and outing trips, items such as tents, chairs, hammocks and cooking sets are also seeing quite good sales.

The most popular tent – the Mis Chammah four-person tent of the Mountain Inn Sports brand - comes with two doors and two windows; customers like it as it is well-ventilated with a mesh dome as the inner tent.

Explorer Outfitter organizes overland expeditions and outdoor workshops, activities that are awaiting better times.

Being a pioneer in overland expeditions, and having visited a record of 100 countries, Thomas certainly has a lot of experience and good advice for our travellers and adventurers.

Check out https://www.artisanshaven.com.my/retailers/explorer_outfitter


E-fitness with Harizon Ramli

Do not lose your health and fitness just because of Covid-19; go online with dedicated personal trainer Harizon Ramli.

Harizon is focussed on getting results; in weight loss and muscle building, he succeeds in getting his clients back into shape through consistent training and proper nutrition.

“As a trainer, I must show results to be effective,’’ says Harizon.

“He customises his training to suit the client,’’ says Wong Kin Wei, a client of two years, training in general fitness.”I have been training for a long time but I find in him a trainer who is patient, honest and disciplined.”

“Harizon stresses on service first, and entertains people who ask him for advice even though they are not his clients,”says Wong, adding that at the gym, Harizon was mostly top trainer with back-to-back sessions.

For e-fitness in the safety of their homes, clients will be assessed first for strength and flexibility, with the appropriate exercises conducted in phases, while taking into consideration their targets, special requests and progress made.

Besides weight loss and muscle building, Harizon trains the elderly and also for post-natal fitness.

Weight loss training, which is popular among his clients, involves, among other things, high intensity exercises.

Meanwhile, weight training, the ‘mother of all weight loss programs,’ helps to build muscle and burn fat.

Strength training helps to improve mobility as well as prevent bone loss and cognitive decline in seniors.

For home workouts, basic equipment would comprise dumb bells, kettle bells, bicycle, bench press and it would be very good if we can invest in a power rack for weight lifting and strength training.

An American Council on Exercise (ACE) physique specialist Levels 1 & 2, Harizon is also athlete director at the World Fitness Federation (WFF).

He is a judge for for competitions, and is currently monitoring a client for an upcoming competition by WFF International called ‘Battle of the Titans,’ on August 7.

Harizon has trained Japanese businessman Ryo Kawai for the WFF Grand Prix Asia 2018.

Ryo had won first runner-up in the men’s fitness model (short class) and second runner-up in the men’s fitness model (overall).

Harizon himself has taken part in several men’s physique competitions; he had represented Asia at the WFF Asia Pacific Pro/Am 2017, and came out third in the men’s physique (tall class) category.

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TRIO Ultimate

Catering to the active lifestyle, TRIO Ulti has this colourful range of sportwear and accessories to complete that carefree and youthful outlook.

Starting off as an active lifestyle brand, it has a wide variety of items such as five panel caps, bucket caps and their best seller, the Vaporlite shorts.

Currently, TRIO also features casual wear such as T-shirts, hoodies and button-up shirts that can be worn anytime.

“The range is not limited to what we customize,’’ says founder Ben Ong. “When we see something we like, we will select the relevant features, put a little spin on it and create something that we, as well as our clients, will like.’’

“We don’t limit ourselves.’’

From plain shorts to crazy, funky shorts … the identity of TRIO is loud, colourful with wild patterns and designs.

Accidental ideas become potential business areas.

One instance was when a client asked for a drawstring that has come out on a pair of shorts, and TRIO had ran out of the required colour.

They just used colourful ones of neon pink and lime green, matched it with a pair of black shorts.

People buy because of the drawstring!

The pandemic had posed problems to Ben and his wife EE Va who had to dig into their savings to sustain the business.

With the Malaysia Ultimate Open 2020, where TRIO is part of the event, cancelled for the foreseeable future due to the pandemic, TRIO found growing demand in the export markets.

Export markets in Singapore, Brunei, Australia, the UK and Japan, are coming up with orders, for example, from schools in Singapore and in Australia and the UK, from club teams in Frisbee competitions.

TRIO items can be purchased by dropping them a message on their Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/trioulti/

Also check out https://www.artisanshaven.com.my/retailers/trio



Spider, which is among the latest cool wear brands, is on a spree to launch its new designs, especially the ones made of a special, environment-friendly fabric.

For good take-up of this innovative sportswear, the Covid-19 situation must be well-controlled, and the vaccination roll-out must be speeded up, said Spider founder Aesos Lai.

Nevertheless, Spider is going ahead to introduce its long-awaited, special fabric T-shirt that enables us to stay cool the whole day long.

Anti-bacterial and anti-odour, it is made of quick-dry chief value cotton (CVC) fabric which is 60% organic cotton, and 40% polyster.

Soft and stretchable, it has enhanced sewing at the sleeve and bottom of the T-shirt; the hemline does not expand after washing.

In terms of its unique design language, there is the Spider logo in the center, and designs on both sleeves and also on the waistline.

Aesos has come up with many designs and varieties of fabric for Spider; the gym microfiber and colour cotton ranges will also be launched.

Just within this month, Spider launched three designs of its glow-in-the-dark long sleeve cotton T-shirts carrying statements like ‘Don’t Give Up,’ ‘Amazing, and ‘Power.’

It also launched three designs of microfiber T-shirts with gold foil printing.

It has also planned for promotions at Wangsa Mall, Setapak Central and IPC Shopping Mall between March to May.

Spider T-shirts are available at www.go-spider.com or Shopee, Lazada and The Artisans Haven.

Also check out https://www.artisanshaven.com.my/retailers/spider


Being desk and home-bound, many of us look for some form of action and adventure, indoors and outdoors,  within SOPs.

Exercise is good for de-stressing and overall fitness.


More artisans at https://artisanshaven.com.my/retailers


By Yap Leng Kuen, Chief Storyteller, The Artisans Haven


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