Artworks of good fortune

Backing up on the artists’ message of hope, those who sell paintings on The Artisans Haven have this wish for all - of good fortune, abundance and protection.

In these pandemic times, many are concerned about their personal as well as financial health.

At Vintage Artisitc Corporation (VAC), the Golden Mountain oil painting represents a financial position that is strong and firm, that will not be swept away easily.

“Good spirits from the golden mountain will protect you, and bless you with wealth and adundance,’’ said VAC co-founder Irene Siew.

Mountain landscapes are often recommended in feng shui practices; sometimes when we step into bosses’ offices, we can see images of mountains hanging at certain corners of the room or near their seats of power.

The gold colour of the mountain is an auspicious symbol, as gold itself is a treasure from the earth.

This painting is good to be placed behind a sofa or a wall before the boss’ seat.

Like a warrior, the Golden Bull painting symbolizes our fight to preserve our health, wealth and future especially in the face of this relentless pandemic.

“The Golden Bull does not give up,’’ says Irene.

The famous charging bull, following the 1987 stockmarket crash, is located at the base of Wall Street in Manhattan.

Weighing 7,100 pounds, it has become a tourist attraction and an iconic symbol of Wall Street where currently, the bull market uptrend prevails.

In historical times, a golden bull was a golden ornament representing a seal, attached to a decree issued by Byzantine emperors and later, by monarchs in Europe during the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

A moment of inspiration … a sense of calm … the painting of Calm Zen with Chirping of Birds at BinaSinar provides a garden setting for a time of peace and relaxation.

“This pandemic has created a lot of ups and downs for mankind as we try to battle our way through,’’ says Nick Tan, founder of BinaSinar.

Zen gardens help us to meditate and quieten down amid the stress and anxiety caused by Covid-19.

Research on the impact of nature on mental health has shown that experiencing nature and seeing a large number of birds can help to reduce worry and depression.

BinaSinar also has a collection of koi fish, which besides good fortune and luck, also symbolize perseverance in difficult circumstances and strength of purpose.

It also symbolizes courage; with their hardy nature, koi fish are associated with longevity.

A koi fish painting will brighten your living room or office, and inspire a sense of courage and perseverance in current challenging times.

In Japanese, ‘koi’ means affection or love; koi fish in Japan are symbols of love and friendship – the sense of bonding even if we can’t meet each other personally.

The red koi denotes love; a red or orange koi symbolizes the mother in the family while a pink koi, the daughter.

Locked up at home, we reminisce over good times travelling … partying with friends and family … celebrating an occasion together.

During this period of staying and working at home, people seek more ways to improve their home and living, as retail surveys indicate.

Consider putting up some great pictures on your walls with the variety of magic frames from Asian Esteem Industrial.

When doing so, it is important to choose the right frame as it will not only enhance your picture but also bring out the beauty of your home interior.

Asian Esteem has artisan-made wooden frames which  complement paintings, artworks or wholesome photos with warmth and elegance.

Wooden frames come in different colours, the most poular being black, white and gold.

For a piece that is mainly of one colour, choosing a frame of the same shade will place emphasis on that specific colour; it also gives a sense of stability about the artwork or photo.

Be mindful of selecting a frame colour that matches only a small patch of colour in your piece; your frame will not be of the same shade as in most of the picture.

Sometimes, people choose ‘opposite-coloured’ frames for a dramatic effect where the frame colour is completely different from that in the picture.

These are in situations where you want to make a bold statement or add character to the display.

Neutral-coloured or white, classic frames are used when you do not wish to focus on any specific colour in the piece; they can be dramatic for colourful artworks.

Besides pictures, mirrors may be framed as part of the home décor; when placed opposite or next to a window, mirrors help to increase the amount of natural light into the room.

For some, mirrors are a spiritual reflection of our awareness in relation to the consequences of our thoughts and actions.

Let’s start framing and give our homes a new look, while relieving our minds from the talk of the town - Covid-19.

Explore the beauty of framing with wood at Asian Esteem, where the tagline is ‘We Love To Frame You!’


In this season of stress and volatility, let’s make our homes an oasis of peace and hope.

Start by decorating your walls and let in a wind of change!

By Yap Leng Kuen, Chief Storyteller, The Artisans Haven


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