Say It With A Gift

Say ‘I love you,’  ‘I care about you’ and ‘I appreciate what you’ve done’ through a meaningful gift.

It can be for the coming Christmas, birthdays, baby showers and celebrations of success or milestones achieved.

Wedding anniversaries, staff appreciation, employee engagement, farewells or corporate giftings … these are all significant moments.

At The Artisans Haven, you can find uniquely handmade and personalized gift packages, that will send the messages from your heart to the person you love, appreciate and respect.

Cherita Chocolates

Apart from gifting on special occasions, Malaysians love to send surprise presents to people they care about.

At Cherita, gift packages of chocolate and fresh flowers are accompanied by uplifting quotes that are sometimes also fun and witty.

“We make the yummiest, high quality chocolate snacks from Malaysian cocoa beans infused with Malaysian flavours, and highlight the amazing effects of dark chocolate,’’ says Rizaini Mokhtar of Cherita Chocolates.

One of the best sources of antioxidants, dark chocolate can positively affect our health and brighten our mood.

“Cherita is packed with love and comes with a card bearing messages of positivity; our design, packaging and names for each flavour reflects our hopes for happiness and togetherness in this beautiful country of ours,’’ says Rizaini.

Cherita also focuses on women strength and champions mental health.

While Cherita was created by women for women, men also send these handcrafted gift packages to all the special women in their lives.

Align Collection

There’s just something about giving and receiving personalized gifts, knowing that it’s not something recycled but made specially for the receiver.

At Align Collection, the best-selling gift products are the leather journal, keychain and valet tray; the leather gift boxes have been a crowd favourite.

“Our premium leather gift sets are popular choices as gifts for both men and women; they are practical, long-lasting and can be personalized with the recipient’s name or initials,’’ says Eunice Yeoh of Align Collection.

Leather goods at Align Collection are crafted using full grain leather, which is the most premium part of the leather; they will age gracefully over time, forming a unique patina that adds character and personality to every piece.

As with any noble woods, you may see some natural marks that shall not be deemed as defects, but as a statement of natural quality.

The leather gift boxes come in a variety of packaging and product options; Align Collection helps to curate the ideal gift set for customers based on budget, taste and profile.

Messages, greeting cards and premium gift packaging are also available.

Elexia Naturals

Offering a natural and luxurious experience, the gift sets from Elexia Naturals focus on natural ingredients that are free from parabens, sulphates, synthetic materials, alchohol, colours or fragrances.

The best-selling Sweet Surprise Luxe Edit Gift set comprises the Oleeva milk wash (lavender or peppermint), a nourishing face balm, a wonder balm made of super essential oils, and a lip balm.

The ever popular Balance Essential Oils blend has all the favourite essential oils that help to rejuvenate and relax.

Elexia Naturals also focuses on sustainability, and does not use water in any of its balms.

“Anyone looking for a holistic lifestyle would love the different experience from Elexia Naturals; it’s all about going back to Mother Nature,’’ says Mohamed Mullaji of Elexia Naturals.

The baby range includes baby’s best companion, the Elexia Naturals baby balm, which soothes and protects.


Send a Dream Catcher Paperback Journal to besties to remind them never to forget their dreams.

All of Evoke’s creations – planners, book covers and journals – are packed as gifts, with the hope that ‘’we can send smiles to every customer, and have him or her feel good,’’ says Cawerlyn Choong of Evoke.

The best sellers are the personalized journal sets where an insert or add-on page is designed with the client’s special message; these sets come with personalized mini canvas pouches.

The Dream Catcher Paperback Journal consists of numbered blank pages where you can pen down your thoughts as you journey along to catch your dreams.

With the protective canvas pouch, the journal can be conveniently placed into any bag.


It’s a gift of Love … from the point of design, choice of the leather pieces, matching of the colours of the accessories to the packaging with the gift card.

“It is tailored according to how customers want their gift to be appreciated.

“We use 100% real leather which is durable and long lasting, like your Love,’’ says Lisa Ong of L.ongleather.

Names are engraved on the special gifts to add that finishing touch and to surprise loved one.

Practical and popular, the personalized stylish keychain is so far the best-seller, while the personalized leather sleeve USB drive which is stylish and of a special design, is also a good gift.

Other small but beautiful accessories include cardholders and lanyards, while combo gift sets priced between RM70 to RM300+ may also be good for buyers on a budget.

CreaTee Kit

DIY T-shirt and canvas bag design kits are great gifts to develop creativity, group work and bonding between children and parents.

CreaTee has come up with a variety of animal stencils such as rabbit, cat, elephant, giraffe and monkey, on the T-shirts.

Customers also buy CreaTee kits in support of its cause to conduct free T-shirt design workshops for underserved kids.

“Our product is based on the idea of developing emotional intelligence and esteem through expression in the creative arts; it is a process where parents get to know their child better through interaction and conversation.

“During group activity, children learn to share ideas and materials, while communicating with each other,’’ says Mazura Illani Manshoor of CreaTee Kit.

All materials for the activity are provided in the kit, and while not all parents are inclined towards the arts, this may assist them to explore art with their child.


Shine A Light On Autism.

Kirtanraw’s art in the form of his paintings, carvings or pyrography art, can be a very special gift for a loved one, as Kirtanraw himself is a very special artist, says his father and art manager, Subramaniam Bandiloo.

Born with Aspergers, the 27-year-old Kirtanraw has, nevertheless, excelled in the field of art and developed his signature ‘swirl effect’ that you can see in his paintings.

For his ‘swirl effect,’ he has used long and short brush strokes to add charm and beauty to even the simplest of subjects like a cat, horse or squirrel.

His original art works come with reasonable pricing; there are also mini sizes such as in fridge magnets, which can be easily packed and couriered to your loved ones.

Kirtanraw’s art is built from his own talent, hardwork and practice as well as the foundation of love from his father, who has nurtured his talent since he was 15.

Sashtri Vivekanandan

Surprise your loved one with a portrait as people seldom expect handmade and personalized portraits as a gift.

“A gift is something that everyone likes, but the person will fall in love with the gift if it’s in his or her own image, done in any art form,’ says Sashtri Vivekanandan.

Always passionate about the art form that he’s working with, Sashtri gives a realistic touch to his portraits while drawing in charcoal and pastel.

“Handmade gifts is the best choice for loved ones,’’ he says from his experience in drawing portraits mostly of couples and families.

When you send a beautiful gift set from The Artisans Haven, it does not only warm the hearts of your loved ones.

It also goes a long way to support the artisans who have put in a lot of heart and hard work to create these wonderful crafts.

So start today and SHOP ARTISANS!

By Yap Leng Kuen, Chief Storyteller, The Artisans Haven


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