Garden in my mind

Your mind is a garden; plant seeds of flowers that will bloom into hope, positivity and happiness.

From The Artisans Haven, these flowers will always be with you in the beautiful designs of bags, accessories and scarves that you use and wear.

Some are fashion statements and make great evening wear at formal functions, while stylish artisan handbags will stand out against one-colour or monochromatic outfits especially at corporate events.

Instead of the standard branded items, these creative pieces purchased in support of artisans, will also be a conversation piece.

Fashion statement

At CaroPaya Handicraft, the Rose bag is a rare, eye-catching design.

“I wanted to create something different and also, I love flowers and plants,’’ says Carol Jok of CaroPaya, who has a big garden in Miri, Sarawak.

Also called the Japanese rope straw handmade bag, the Rose bag comes in charming colour combinations.

“My garden is where my prayers are planted and my dreams are born; instead of growing weeds, I choose to grow flowers which carry positive values.

“Flowers symbolize adoration, spiritual attainment, happiness, grace and strength,’’ says Carol. “We plant hope that can also help those battling diseases and mental health problems.’’

The Rose bag, in two tones of refreshing green, that was shown on the Facebook LIVE last Friday, is going at a discounted price of RM149.70 (original RM190).

Floral kimono bags from Sophia come in two styles – sweet pastel as well as bold and strong designs, that are used to showcase a statement piece.

“I’ve always used kimonos with floral prints because they’re beautiful, rejuvenating and colourful, and bring joy to the people who carry them,’’ says Shirley Ong of Sophia.

The Sophia kimono bag shown at last Friday’s Facebook LIVE, has a auspicious design of cherry blossoms, peonies, chrysanthemums and plum flowers.

This classic kimono bag is going at a discounted price of RM273.50 (original RM350).

At Bling Bling Paradise, the floral bling bags and phone covers, are designed for a romantic and fantasy feel.

“I love flowers,’’ says Sharen Ting of Bling Bling Paradise. “Beautiful flowers calm the mind and make people happy.

“It is just like someone receiving a bouquet of flowers, but my products can be kept for a long time; they’re also pieces of art that can be displayed for decorative purposes.’’

Among her customized designs is a display with real pressed flowers; materials used for her products range from glass stones, loose diamonds of good grade, plastic or cloth.

For customers who want premium products, Bling Bling Paradise offers crystals with Swarovski elements.

The bling bag shown at the Facebook LIVE last Friday is discounted at RM206.40 (original RM268).

Flowers close to my heart

Flowers are the main inspiration for Loi Siau Hui of FlowerloiCrafts; she has a lovely garden and one of her nicknames is ‘Flower,’ given by a reverend at her church.

Materials at FlowerloiCrafts  are mostly from designer cotton and linen fabrics as well as imported bag accessories and some local, hand-drawn batik.

Besides unique handcrafted bags, her other products include tissue holders, pouches, face masks and home deco items.

Siau Hui’s latest floral designs include quilted batik frame bags that  are available for custom orders, Zakka style multipurpose pouches (Japanese style) with floral embroidery on the patchwork design, and floral pin cushions.

The Indigo Shibori Framed  Bag, which is one-of-a-kind framed bag with fabric from natural indigo dye (which is a Japanese dyeing technique called Shibori),  was shown at the Facebook LIVE last Friday, and costs RM170.30 (original RM220).

Nature as the master artist is the inspiration for artist/painter Chee Li Har of GoCHeeKS.

“I marvel at its purity, uniqueness and perfection in its details, and wish that GoCHeeKS can achieve a small fraction of what nature has,’’ she says.

Her favourite flowers are roses and peonies; the rose, considered the queen of the garden, symbolizes love and passion while the peony, which is the national floral symbol of China, is known as the flower of riches and honour.

Materials for GoCHeeKS masks are mostly from embroidered lace on cotton as well as 100% cotton.

For the PLAY bag series, it’s embroidered patches, with AAA rhinestones on acrylic box bags with large faux pearls.

The Spring in Tulle bag has embroidery on tulle netting, and is layered with all-Amercan cotton.

The yellow Spring in Tulle bag with matching face mask, that was displayed at the Facebook LIVE last Friday, costs RM258 (original RM350).

Autistic painter Kirtanraw Subramaniam has a lot of orchids in his garden, planted by his father Subramaniam Bandiloo.

Among his paintings of nature, Kirtanraw also likes to paint flowers especially daisies which symbolize innocence and purity.

“Flowers is all about love and nature; looking at flowers makes us feel relaxed and calm,’’ says Subramaniam.

Kirtanraw is a visionary artist whose mind is able to translate details into amazing images on canvas, says The Art of Autism, a non-profit organization which empowers autistic people and their families through participation in the arts.

Kirtanraw’s painting of pink tulips, with his famous swirl effect, was shown at the Facebook LIVE last Friday, and is going for RM232.20 (original RM300).

Floral theme

The floral theme is central to the colourful, vibrant designs at Natural Life which celebrates the vitality, beauty and positivity of life through their products and uplifting messages.

“As images of these flowers bloom in the garden of our minds, they inspire us to lead happy lives, with kindness and a giving heart,” says Rosalie Lin of Natural Life Malaysia.

Natural Life is on a mission to inspire people to Give & Live Happy!

Among the materials used, the Natural Life Holiday Happy Bag is made from 80% recycled water bottles; the ‘Thankful and Grateful’ Traveller Bottle, from stainless steel; while the Giving blanket ‘Life is Tough But So Are You’ is from 100%  polyester.

Taking a leaf from the inspiring quotes from Natural Life, we are truly ‘Thankful and Grateful’ that we have managed to stay safe during this period of Covid-19 lockdowns.

In rich floral design, the Natural Life traveller bottle that was highlighted at the Facebook LIVE last Friday, is going at a discounted price of RM67.10 (original RM85).

Life is a flower that never stops blooming at Angie Jewels; when we want to congratulate someone, the first idea of a gift would be a bunch of flowers.

“Flowers bring about positive changes in people’s moods; we feel loved when someone gives us flowers.

“Flowers impart a feeling of freshness, soften our hearts when we are sad and fatigued, and uplift our lives when we are feeling blue,’’ says Angie Ng of Angie Jewels.

Delicate floral designs at Angie Jewels are found in the premium Flower Pendant Necklace as well Flower Heart & Earrings gift set set, which are made from sterling silver, with rhodium white gold plating, and white Swarovski zirconia round, pure brilliance cut stones.

Meanwhile, the Mother of Pearl Sterling Silver Brooch is made from freshwater cultured pearl and cubic zirconia; with rhodium white gold plating and sterling silver.

Among other brooches with floral designs, are those are made from the Golden South Sea Pearl and Tahitian Pearl and Cubic Zirconia, while there is an attractive necklace of aquamarine, sapphire and coral.

The brooch from Angie Jewels, shown at the Facebook LIVE last Friday, will be sold for RM194 (original RM250).

Inspired by the Japanese culture of elegantly dressed women, Katherine Kang and Nicole Seow of Janoka Jewelry have come up with fine, handcrafted earrings in preserved floral arrangements.

Embellished with pearls or Swarovski crystals, these sets of earrings come in different names for each season, such as Summer Solstice, for the summer collection.

“Flowers symbolize happiness; in our minds, they inspire us to be always grateful for what we have, to stay happy and appreciate every single moment of our lives,’’ says Katherine.

The pair of Janoka earrings with brown ribbon and floral resin, that was shown at the Facebook LIVE last Friday, is going for RM111.50 (original RM139).

As the scent of flowers lingers in your mind, do step into the ‘garden’ at The Artisans Haven where you will discover wonderful floral designs.

They will cheer your heart and accompany you on your day’s journey, staying close to you as you deal with the stresses and issues of  these challenging times.

By Yap Leng Kuen, Chief Storyteller, The Artisans Haven


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