Looking fabulous with style

Let the beautiful, handmade treasures from The Artisans Haven bring out the fabulous you.

And while adding style to your outlook, you will also be wearing a piece of the love that artisans have put into their creations.

At TAS Woman of Substance, linen and denim are the latest in tote bag designs.

Linen and denim, when paired, are likened to Beauty and The Beast; they are hugely different, yet they make a good pair.

“Denim is always in vogue; linen adds a touch of sophistication while its coarse texture lends character to the bag,’’ says Linden Leong of TAS.

Customers like this range as the design is neat; they also find the hand-stitched butterflies on the denim bag very appealing.

The leather handles add a touch of class at an affordable price, while the bags are large and versatile in terms of usage.

The ‘Linen Inspired’ bags are suitable as office or overnight bags while customers have a choice of using their favourite pair of jeans for the denim bags.

At the Facebook LIVE by The Artisans Haven yesterday, the rose design tote bag was shown with its beautiful rose tapestry.

“I chose this fabric with a motif of roses for a client who used to do a lot of cross stitching,’’ says Linden.

The bag features a thick weave with a grainy look that makes it life-like, while the handle holders have a neutral coloured bias for a better finishing.

At a discounted price of RM101.20, it’s a bag that will make you look good and set off admiring glances.

Kimono zip clutches and pouches, handmade by  Samantha Yong of Kuma Yukata, preserve the beauty of the kimono fabric and Japanese art.

Repurposed from the Japanese vintage belt called Obi, these clutches and pouches come with handmade, rhinestone pearl handles and are good for putting your wallet, handphone, keys and make-up items.

Going for RM139.30 at the Facebook LIVE yesterday, is the clutch bag designed with gold and silver silk thread woven with Chinese bell flowers.

As the festive season draws near, lend some cheer with gifts from Kuma Yukata’s latest collection of clutches and pouches in red and other bright colours.

The kimono has also been given a new form and identity via tote bags, also made by Samantha, from upcycled Japanese vintage fabric.

“We hope customers find these tote bags useful and understand why they use these tote bags instead of plastic bags,’’ says Samantha.

You can get the colours of the rainbow in each Mochila bag that you own; they’re also for anyone who likes to look unique as there is only one piece per pattern, says Jessica Chong of Tiger Lamb.

Handmade by the Wayuu tribe in Colombia, the colours of these bags, which are made from high quality acrylic yarn, do not fade easily; lightweight with beautiful patterns, they are used as stylish casual wear.

“The patterns and colours make the bags stand out, which is what clients love about them,’’ says Jessica.

At yesterday’s Facebook LIVE, the Aztec style bag in bright cyan and yellow, was going at a discounted price of RM54.70.

(The Aztec people include different ethnic groups that live in central Mexico).

Lanyards in attractive colours and designs are handmade by Jessica herself.

At Helping Hands Penan (HH Penan), a non-governmental organization that is helping the Penan community, Penan woven bags have now become a fashion item.

Woven with colourful PVC strips, they are practical and durable at the same time.

New designs and sizes of clutch bags are out, in popular colours of black, white, silver and black/white.

“Ladies who carry these handmade clutches in the midst of those with branded bags, will stand out,’’ says Violette Tan, director of HH Penan.

Selling at RM118.70, the lovely pink clutch that was shown at yesterday’s Facebook LIVE, is perfect for weekend outings to match casual wear and sundresses.

These clutches also come with matching tote bags.

Penan bags for practical uses include yoga mat bags, baskets, trays and organisers.

Under the Bao Bao Issey Miyake inspired KL bags, the Luminous Rainbow Green has become their best collection; the appeal of this green KL Bag is in its luminous effect that changes into rainbow colours under sunlight, flash, UV, club or disco light.

At a discounted price of RM77.40, this Luminous Rainbow Green bag from yesterday’s Facebook LIVE is worth collecting; you can have fun with its rainblow colours to match outfits in different colours; with its luminous effect, it will also add a sparkle to your look.

KL Bags are made from PVC materials and bonded with polyester mesh; they come in various shapes from modern polygon to geometric, and are available in gold, silver, red, blue, black and green, as well as in matt and gloss finishing.

“They are chic and versatile, anti-wrinkle with good texture and a comfortable hand feel; as a premium souveneir, you carry a piece of KL with you and as a fashion bag, they can be used for work and also for small gatherings and parties,’’ says Aesos Lai of ILoveKL.

Lend some cheer

When you wear an outfit from 520 Style Boutique, you know that you are the only one having it, as they only import one of a kind designs from South Korea.

Some of their latest designs come in bright colours with humourous cartoon characters that cheer us up in the pandemic.

Staying at home can also mean looking fabulous and yet casual. Check out the pair of shorts with floral prints that was shown at yesterday’s Facebook LIVE; it’s selling at RM169.25.

Also shown was a soft, comfortable cotton shirt with a hoody that’s going for RM120.

A bright green blouse was the third item to be displayed; it has a young design and you can wear it in a sporty manner, with a pair of torn jeans for that casual, stylish look; it’s going for RM178.

Apart from these, do look up some of the latest fun styles from 520 Style Boutique to brighten up your stay at home.

At Emerald Brilliant, tradition meets modernity; favourites are still the traditional cheongsam designs with the side buttons and Chinese collars.

But for a modern touch, younger ladies may opt for cut-ins or sleeveless designs with sweet colours; for a ‘classy’ look, many would favour a traditional look on materials like songket.

Street style cheongsams for the young lady also comes in variations of skirt lengths, types of skirts while the cheongsam top may be worn with pants, and even sneakers.

They can be worn on the street as a fashion statement.

A black and white bespoke cheongsam that cost RM1,399, was displayed at the Facebook LIVE yesterday.

“For Chinese New Year, men too like coats with the traditional Chinese collar and cheongsams are very popular for weddings,’’ says Kong Yoon Yoon of Emerald Brilliant.

The rich array of designs and materials includes elegant white silk with velvet flower coating; Japanese printed brocade; two-toned Shantong silk with floral patchwork and beads; velvet printed sleeveless with traditional Chinese collar as well as Malaysian batik.

For that touch of tradition and modernity, plan your trip soon this treasure house of cheongsam designs.

As more people get vaccinated and lockdown conditions ease, we may be able to move around more and get to Emerald Brilliant for a consultation.

Adding colours and fun into everyday wear is the theme at Trio Ulti.

“Whether it’s for sports or casual wear, we could definitely use some ‘light’ during this pandemic that has cast so much gloom around,’’ says Ben Ong of Trio Ulti.

At Trio Ulti, there’s a fusion of unusual ideas with bright and colourful designs.

Streetstyle shirts come in attractive ‘mahjong’ and batik designs; socks in doughnut and rainbow designs; there are ‘also crazy’ shorts for this crazy period of our lives.

The ‘mahjong’ shirt in soft, comfortable cotton and costing RM75, was brought out at yesterday’s Facebook LIVE.

There are more carefree styles from Trio Ulti that you can choose from for some fun moments at home or during exercise.

Designed for comfort

At Batik Luxe, the apparel is designed to be ‘light, warm and timeless,’ with 100% cotton materials.

“We meticulously ensure that the whole production process is environment-friendly; materials are from Malaysia and Indonesia, and the batik apparel is designed and sewn by local artisans,’’ says Melissa Karina Yahya of Batik Luxe.

You can relax while looking effortlessly chic with the Jentayu collection of the loose-cut kebaya, that comes with an over--sized top paired with a straight skirt.

Designed for comfort, the Aura Edition comes in two tones that look neat and attractive.

“You will strike a pose in this, coz you just look that good,’’ says Batik Luxe.

The Kara Edition in an orange top with beautiful blue flowers and a matching skirt, was shown at yesterday’s Facebook LIVE.

Costing RM240, this pair has long, slim fit sleeves, kebaya neckline and a straight-cut, overlap skirt.

At an affordable price of RM88, the Cinta blouse is a good buy and can be worn any occasion with jeans, pants or a skirt.

Spider T-shirts, made from 100% cotton, are trendy and comfortable with professionally designed and printed graphic tee designs.

“You’ll love the way you look in this durable and reliable classic,’’ says Aesos Lai of Spider.

The 100% cotton material is soft, breathable and sensitive-skin friendly, while the T-shirt comes with double-needle hems and neck for durability.

With its luminous green effect, Spider T-shirts will glow in the dark; the best glow is achieved under sunlight.

The price for a Spider Glow-in-the-Dark series is RM39.90; two (RM70) and three (RM100).

Look unique with handmade patchwork T-shirts by chubbycotton.

the patchwork pieces are handpicked from scratch and sewn piece by piece.

“Each apparel is designed to look elegant and unique, as the each patchwork strip will not be repeated,’’ says Lai Bee Cheng of chubbycotton, who sews the patchwork herself.

The Cadar Triangle Patchwork In Grey T-shirt, made from Oren superb cotton and costing RM95, was highlighted at yesterday’s Facebook LIVE.

As the combed cotton makes it comfortable, lightweight and soft, it can be worn for exercise, when going out or just staying at home.

Among the latest patchwork series from chubbycotton are – Bliss Dream Patchwork In Grey with a sweet pink colour that portrays the charming side of the lady wearer; Ditsy Floral Patchwork In Grey featuring a bright floral print with a touch of Odyssey green; Majestic Moon Patchwork In Black, ideal for wearing on an evening walk in spring through the Grotto; Burberry Patchwork Shirt In Grey is made from combed cotton with a design that features a longing to get away from the city.

Also at chubbycotton are the Charlotte handbag; handmade by Bee Ching, it is made  from 100% quilted cotton fabric and lace and has a canvas handle.

Handmade Brooklyn pouches can be used to put, among other things, stationery or cosmetics.

The feel good factor

At DONNINGDONNA, the designs are up-to-date,and trendy; whether they are in soothing pastel or vibrant colours, they uplift the spirit of the wearer, making them feel good and cheerful.

“Every design has its own adventure and meaning; it is also produced in Malaysia - you won’t get it anywhere else,’’ says Siti Nurnazihah Ahmah of DONNINGDONNA.

Customers wear the scarves from DONNINGDONNA  during their vaccinations, and the cheerful colours do help to uplift their moods.

The Dhia shawl from the Blooming Flowers II series, was highlighted at yesterday’s Facebook LIVE; inspired by traditional kuih to celebrate Eid, it has a lovely mix of colours and costs RM99.

For the PastelRia, KoreanKollection and Marble I series, the material used is silk satin, while Korean chiffon and Aritachi chiffon are used for the Blooming Flowers ii series.

At Totomi, the focus is on designs that are practical and functional, with a minimalist style.

With its tagline ‘we sell comfort, style is just a bonus we throw in,’ Totomi uses natural fibres such as linen and cotton and maintains an affordable price range for its apparel.

“We’ll be looking into silk,’’ says Rohaida Haron of Totomi. “Slow fashion with respect for the environment, and fashions that transcend time should be the way to go.’’

Repurposing, mixing and matching capsule wardrobes not only saves money and space but also preserves Mother Earth.

With fast fashion growing so rapidly, we do need to be reminded of the importance of practising minimalism.

You are what you wear. Quality apparel focussed on sustainability and minimalism at Totomi, are certainly worth looking into.

Face masks from Bina Sinar for children and adults come in attractive designs with a happy, friendly look; in four sizes – XS/S/M/L – the masks are made from organic cotton, linen and lace as well as silky satin.

They are decorated with cartoons, sea shells, flowers and things that appeal to children, while their parents too can wear the same designs as a nice family set.

Children feel happy to see that their parents are wearing the same masks and having fun together with them.

SHOP Artisans

At The Artisans Haven, you will get a fine selection of artisan products with their own appeal and exclusive features.

Add a few to your collection today; as you support local artisans and small businesses, you are also adding on to your unique beauty and charm.

By Yap Leng Kuen, Chief Storyteller, The Artisans Haven


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