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In our modern lifestyle, we look for gadgets that make our lives more enjoyable while giving us that added convenience and comfort.

Gadgets can set the tone for the day, improve our mood and take us away from stressful moments; smart gadgets keep us up-to-date with the latest innovations.

To celebrate happy occasions, they are also good as gifts. As conversation starters, they can help to break the ice at parties and meetings.

Gadgets may also be enjoyed by parents on their tender journey of love and care for their little ones.

You may not need to be a gadget lover to enjoy some of these cool and trendy products.

At The Artisans Haven, there are soon-to-be-launched Nokia ear buds from Maudire, Corvan smart home appliances, great outdoor gear from Explorer Outfitter, cool baby products from Akarana and the latest Ogawa massage and air purifier products for your comfort.


‘Colour your moment with music’ is the new tagline from Nokia’s wireless earbuds; coming in colourful designs, they will be available in the first quarter of 2021, from Maudire on The Artisans Haven.

Big on sound and low on bulk, the earphones are engineered with a dynamic driver E3100,  enabling you to hear the music exactly as it is intended.

In terms of connectivity, you can pair your earphones to your device in an instant, while experiencing less latency and no drop in audio quality, thanks to Bluetooth 5.0.

Besides listening to music, people use the earbuds for phone chats, Zoom meetings, during exercise or watching movies.


At Corvan, their cordless vacuum K9 has topped many listicles and review sites, as satisfied users share their experience of using it, on social media.

Its appeal lies in, among other things, being lightweight and cordless; it comes with an anti-tangle brush and has a long run time of up to 40 minutes.

The Corvan cordless vacuum K9 also has a high and consistent torque motor that removes stains effortlessly, and multiple accessories that enable the cleaning of an entire bath area, bathtubs and shower panels, as well as car washing and waxing.

Multiple attachment heads enable the vacuuming of different items; the mattress cleaning tool helps to vacuum beds, sofas and car seats while a crevice tool is used to vacuum sliding door tracks and laptop keyboards.

The Corvan picaMop T7 which is a cordless electric mop, allows users to have squeaky clean floors via mopping in a scrubbing motion.

It has a powerful twin rotor, swivel handle and large water tank that fills up to 330ml of water, liquid detergent and waxing liquid detergent or waxing liquid.

The high density microfiber mop pad has ultra-fine strands of less than 10 micron to ensure exceptional dirt removal and liquid absorption.

With a one-button operation, the picaMop uses high capacity lithium-ion batteries that are fast charging and long running; under normal use, a high quality battery can last for two to four years.

We can also enjoy fresh, clean air with the Corvan Personal Air Purifier which can be used while driving a car; also, as we enjoy quality sleep with pure air, the air purifier reduces allergic reactions, captures pollutants and removes bad smells and smog.


Parents love the Akarana Toru II convertible high chair, for its multi functions; it can stand alone as a high chair, or be attached to the dining table as a booster.

It can also be a standalone booster that can be placed on the floor, or used as a toddler low chair; this is whenever parents want to feed their baby while they are sitting on the floor or sofa.

As children do not like to wear masks for long hours, the kids organic respirator mask has an organic cotton material built-in respirator valve for easy breathing.

With a high filtration capacity, its built-in N95 respirator exhalation valve provides very low resistance to facilitate breathing.

The mask comes with adjustable ear straps, and is reusable with filter pockets, which carries an option to be used along with a disposable PM2.5 activated carbon filter.

It is also washable, and suitable for three to 11 year olds.

The Alberta Cross Body Clutch Diaper Bag, made of quilted nylon with water-resistant coating, is small enough to pack baby gear when going on short trips, or bringing baby for grocery shopping.

It can be carried as a clutch or cross body using the detachable webbing strap; there is a detachable wet bag for wet clothes, creams and ointments, with a slip pocket for diapers and changing pad.

Explorer Outfitter

The Movement Control Order 2.0 may still be on, but people are still shopping for outdoor gear, either from the shop itself at Explorer Outfitter, or online.

Popular items include the flysheet and campbed.

The flysheet under the Mountain Inn Sports brand, is a lightweight shelter for camping, trekking and cyclotourism; it has an easy set-up with trekking poles and masts while the tent structure may also be used.

The flysheet is water and wind-proof, and comes with a sunshade tarp, camping mat and footprint.

The Explorer XO Officer Campbed under the Explorer brand, has a strong layer of polyster fabric at the center of the bed, to prevent sagging.

In packable size, it is made from 800D polyster which is stronger and water repellent; it also bears the special Rainforest Challenge and Rainforest Trophy logo.

The Rainforest Challenge, established in Malaysia in 1997, is one of the most internationally represented 4x4 off-road events.


Labelled a game changer, the Ogawa Master Drive AI is a top seller; driven by the state-of-the-art M.5 Gen Microprocessor, the Master Drive uniquely changes and adapts the massage pressure, speed and motions, according to the body contours of the individual.

The AI Massage Robot is equipped with a Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) sensor and a peripheral capillary oxygen saturation (SpO2) sensor.

The GSR sensor accurately captures information of our body-load through skin contact to locate fatigue points, while the SpO2 sensor assesses vital signs including heart rate and blood oxygen levels.

This is so that Master Drive Ai 2.0 is able to customize the most suitable massage program for the user.

Serenade your senses and soothe away the stresses of city living.

With its speaker design and high quality HIFI sound system, the Ogawa Smart Jazz gives you a surreal acoustic experience that relaxes your mind as well as your body.

It also stimulates the pressure points all over the body and combines four traditional massage techniques – kneading, tapping, knocking and knead-knocking – for an intelligent human touch massage experience.

The S&L Track knows its way around your neck like the human hand to help relieve knots and pain, while it has a wider surface area for a more thorough back massage.

The massage rollers can move, conforming to the natural shape of the human spine, all the way from the tailbone to the hip.

The new Ogawa UltiMate Germanic Air Purifier features a revolutionary purification system with germicidal technology that destroys the ability of bacteria, virus and other pathogens to multiply and cause disease.

It kills harmful microbes in three ways – upon contact with the Germanic filter; through the Germanic coating that prevents sticking and build-up of microbial carcass onto the filter; while the active release of anti-microbial agents destroys harmful microbes.

Besides a Germanic filter, the air purifier comes with hepa and odour filters with an air quality display to detect real time air quality.

For a relaxing and calming effect, an aroma drawer for essential oils is included.

With many attractive gadgets in the selection, we may want to delve deeper into their qualities and also look into our budgets.

But it’s the New Year and we’re off to a New Start … so let’s put back some zing into our lives with a new gadget today!

By Yap Leng Kuen, Chief Storyteller, The Artisans Haven


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