Collaboration with AFFIN BANK

By Yap Leng Kuen, Chief Storyteller, The Artisans Haven

13 October 2021


AFFIN BANK and The Artisans Haven, a digital mall set up to help artisans and small business market their products and services online, have struck a win-win collaboration to offer products, programs and services specially catered to SMEs.

Among the important areas of focus would be how to enhance, transform and grow as well as protect SME businesses.

“AFFIN BANK can provide tailor-made financial solutions for start-ups, and help SMEs engage with their business clients and consumers.

“SMEs also find strategic partners when they use our services, attend business talks and link up with companies that provide digital solutions,’’ said Lim Kee Yeong, Executive Director, Enterprise Banking, AFFIN BANK.

AFFIN BANK also has programs to help SMEs manage their business better, as well as organize and plan their talent pool.

“The Artisans Haven has put together 15 useful services under ‘Smart Solutions’ for SME owners based on the theme of Innovation, Technology and Self-Help.

“This collaboration is a great opportunity to showcase their services at AFFIN BANK’s award-winning app – the AFFIN SME Colony,’’ said Jade Lee, CEO and co-founder of The Artisans Haven.

Through its multi-award winning AFFIN SME Colony, AFFIN BANK helps SMEs understand their businesses better, improve their revenue and profits as well as expand their network of business contacts.

SME Colony, which is the first mobile app designed for the SME community, enables SMEs to expand their business globally, while sharing their knowledge and leveraging on each other’s business base.

The Artisans Haven, being part of this SME network called RAKANIAGA, has put up its ‘Smart Solutions’ under four broad categories – IT-related services, staff training and motivation, as well as personal development and business services - together with attractive offers to support fellow members.

SMEs generally suffer from a lack of:

  • information on the infrastructure available to them;

  • business research and development;

  • usage of information technology;

  • customer and business networking

  • development of data base

  • credit risk analysis

This collaboration helps them market their products and manage their business in a more dynamic way; they also get the financial and technological support as well as professional advice to get ahead in their business.

The story of this AFFIN BANK /The Artisans Haven collaboration dates back to sometime last year when Raymond Lee, Head of SME-Wide Ancillary & Transaction (SWAT), Enterprise Banking, AFFIN BANK, and Jade met up at AFFIN BANK.

Jade, an ex-banker, had introduced The Artisans Haven and Smart Solutions to Raymond, who spoke about SME Colony.

As the conversation turned to food and sambal. Jade told Raymond about Two Dads Sambal Neraka, sold by an online tenant at The Artisans Haven.

Raymond bought the Two Dads Sambal Neraka and Jade opened an account with AFFIN BANK, based on the conveniences offered, and worked out a win-win partnership.

Based on mutual understanding and benefits, this collaboration will have many miles to go, and in the process, generate more opportunities for SMEs.



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