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Indonesia is a truly wondrous place, filled with endless historical landmarks, countless natural attractions, all carefully preserved by a harmonious society. If you or your friends and family have been there before, you’ll know that there are plenty of souvenirs you can bring home, from beautiful batik clothing to famous local snacks. However, if you’d like to purchase authentic Indonesian products without going on a trip there, just drop a quick message to Toko Tjantik!

Directly translated as Beautiful Shop, Toko Tjantik was first created when Indonesian citizen, Liony Tanuwijaya, got married to a Malaysian. Despite residing in Jakarta, Liony would make frequent visits to her Malaysian relatives, always bringing along all sorts of Indonesian-made crafts and snacks for them - which sparked the humble beginnings of Toko Tjantik.

Among the wide range of authentic Indonesian products offered by Toko Tjantik, some of their ready-stock products would include highly fashionable, handcrafted masks as well as gracefully embroidered little clutches and bags. Shoppers would also be thrilled to find other Indonesian classics such as Batik Tulis, embroidered shoes, custom-made Cheongsams, ready-to-wear men’s shirts, dazzling custom-made dinner gowns, and even the famous Amanda Brownies!

In addition to that, Toko Tjantik also offers courier services between Indonesian shops and Malaysian customers, giving shoppers the chance to virtually shop to their hearts’ desires and be guaranteed a hassle-free shipping experience.

For those who are already planning out their next shopping spree, here’s how you can contact Toko Tjantik: Send them an email at [email protected] with your inquiries or orders, and you’ll receive a reply within a few working days. Stay tuned to find out their social media handles here as well!


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