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 Aien Mokhtar, Chief Perfumer of OLFAC3 Perfumes

It is said that the greatest inspirations are often found in the unlikeliest of places - and so it goes for the very inception of OLFAC3 Perfumes. Delve into the ethereal world of fragrances and scents with Aien Mokhtar, the founder of OLFAC3 Perfumes and explore the realm of perfumery as never before.

Having set foot on her journey to discovering aromatics at the tender age of 10, Aien Mokhtar’s passion for perfumery was first sparked when she travelled abroad with her mother, a passion that would lead her on a quest to learn more about the industry later on in life. Finally, after over 10 years of learning and experimenting with different fragrances, Mokhtar decided to share her original luxury creations with the world - and thus, OLFAC3 Perfumes was born.

Among the series of products and services provided by OLFAC3 Perfumes would include three collections of original scents, namely Eau Da Parfum, Mood Scents, and Eau Fraiche. Purveyors of the olfactory world would also rejoice in being able to customize personalized perfumes to create their very own signature scent, or even choose to attend their workshops to learn more about aromatics.

To learn more about OLFAC3 Perfumes, do drop by their website at or schedule a visit to the OLFAC3 Perfume Lounge at Unit 1-13, Level 1 GMBB, No 2, Jalan Robertson, Kuala Lumpur. Stay up to date with all of their latest promotions and be inspired by their lyrical descriptions when you follow them on Facebook at and on Instagram at


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