Master Drive Plus 5 Elements Free O.M.G Foot Massager + Leather Kit (Artisans)

Please refer to OGAWA Official Website :- https://www.ogawaworld.net/shop/c2d7245ed/master-drive-plus-massage-chair-5-elements-wood-zen-foottee-3-in-1-leather-kit.html

RM 14999.00

Master Drive Plus AI (2.0) Massage Chair

Please refer to OGAWA Official Website :- https://www.ogawaworld.net/shop/master-drive-plus-ai-2-0-3-in-1-leather-kit-in-t-mate-5pcs-filter-ipad-10-2-in.html

RM 21199.00

Smart Jazz Urban Massage Chair

Please refer to OGAWA Official Website :- https://www.ogawaworld.net/shop/c2d7245ed/smart-jazz-urban-massage-chair-free-gift-ogawa-ultimate-germagic-air-purifier-ogawa-leather-kit.html

RM 8666.00

Genix Massage Chair (Espresso)

Please refer to OGAWA Official Website :- https://www.ogawaworld.net/shop/c2d7245ed/genix-esp-3-in-1-leather-kit-in-t-mate-5pcs-filter.html

RM 5499.00

Omknee 2 (Ash Wood) + Caree Touch (Peach)

Please refer to OGAWA Official Website :- https://www.ogawaworld.net/shop/c2d7245ed/omknee-2-ash-wood-caree-touch-peach.html

RM 1999.00

Mobile Seat Max

Please refer to OGAWA Official Website :- https://www.ogawaworld.net/shop/c2d7245ed/mobile-seat-max-c2d.html

RM 899.00

Bio Breeze (White)

Please refer to OGAWA Official Website :- https://www.ogawaworld.net/shop/c2d7245ed/biobreeze-white-c2d.html

RM 249.00

Ultimate Germagic Air Purifier

Please refer to OGAWA Official Website :- https://www.ogawaworld.net/shop/c2d7245ed/ultimate-germagic-c2d.html

RM 899.00

O.M.G. Foot Massager

Please refer to OGAWA Official Website :-

RM 1538.00

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OGAWA has grown into the leading player in the design, development and marketing health and wellness equipment in Malaysia. Here in OGAWA, we are committed in encouraging a healthier lifestyle through creation of innovative products of the highest quality.

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To say that Ogawa is simply just a brand that many know and trust would be a grossly generalized understatement. Not only is Ogawa a well-loved household name among Malaysians, it was also the first of its kind, paving a road to success that many other companies can only aspire to follow.

Adopting a ‘spring of wellness’ philosophy, Ogawa has been dedicated to enriching lifestyles through its many innovative health and wellness products since 1996. The inspiration behind its unique name stems from the Japanese word for stream, which is an accurate representation of their desire to impart waves of wellness-related knowledge to all clients.

One of the main reasons why Ogawa has managed to withstand the trials of time could be attributed to their adaptability - which is exemplified in their latest product, the Master Drive AI 2.0. Designed to be more than just a massage chair, the Master Drive AI utilizes all the latest artificial intelligence advancements to track and manage users’ health, giving them an unforgettable massage experience.

Other products offered by Ogawa range from the OmKNEE 2.0, a therapeutic foot massager, to the Ultimate Germagic Air Purifier, an air purifier that provides ultimate protection from germs and dust. Over the years, Ogawa has been awarded countless accolades for their dedication to the craft. Among their most recent wins is an award for International Business Excellence during the Sin Chew Business Excellence Award 2019 ceremony, an indication that the company is still going strong even decades after its first opening.

If you’d like to know more about Ogawa and their products, do visit their website at ogawaworld.net/ and don’t forget to check out their Facebook page for giveaways and promotions at facebook.com/OgawaMalaysia/.


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