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Welcome to Mad Designs, where Madelyn, an 8-year-old entrepreneur who discovered her passion for crafting after completing her school IPC unit on Young Entrepreneurs. At Mad Designs, she combines her love for beads, acrylics, and resin to make stunning accessories that people can wear and enjoy. It's so much fun! I can create all sorts of things like necklaces, bracelets, keychains and all kinds of unique creations.

Every piece is crafted with love and care. She uses vibrant colours and intricate designs to make them extra special.
When someone wears her accessories, she wants them to feel happy as each accessory is a piece of her heart and imagination. Starting her own business at such a young age is really exciting for her. It shows that you can follow your dreams at any age!

Thank you for supporting MAD Designs and allowing Madelyn to share her creations with you.


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