AIMÉ Mid Autumn Special Puer Tea Giftbox

Box contains:
- 1x canister with 10x sachets Puer rose
- 1x canister with 10x sachets Puer osmanthus
- 1x greeting card

This is Puer tea from Yunnan, China, made through a process of optimal fermentation and high-temperature steaming and pressing. It produces a bright red-yellowish liquid with pure aroma and fine taste, and is characterised by a sweet after-taste. In addition, it is added with rose buds or osmanthus flowers to enhance the taste as well as extra benefits. Drink a cup of this and you will find it very refreshing and thirst-quenching. It also aids your digestion and quickens your recovery from fatigue or intoxication.

Specially for Mid Autumn festival, after eating mooncakes!!!!

1st round - pour minimal hot water and rinse off quickly. This is to wash off the dust on the tea leaves.
2nd round - pour hot water and let the tea leaves & flower buds immerse, you will see the water turn bright red-yellowish.
3rd round - strain out the tea from the residual tea leaves and it is ready to be served.

Normal price: RM98
Now: RM78

AIMÉ TeaLipcare Giftset

- 1x container (random design)
- 1x lip balm (Honey-orange/Honey-beetroot/Cherry Rose)
- 1x healing salve/brown sugar lip scrub

Lip balm: rich with honey and infused with orange/beetroot/rose extract respectively. Apply on lips to moisturize and protect lips from cracking. Choose any 1 of the following:
1) Honey-orange - colourless
2) Honey-beetroot - natural pinkish
3) Cherry Rose - tinted very red

Healing salve: good to apply on skin especially dry and cracked elbows and heels.

Brown sugar lip scrub: to exfoliate lips for a smoother appearance and better absorption of nutrients from lip balm. Use only when necessary.

Container: environmentally friendly. Can be reused as container for tea leaves, cookies etc.

Price: RM45 each
3 for RM120


It is richs with cherry extract which provides good nutrients to our lips; carotene and honey beewax that protects and moisture lips; vitamin E helps as anti - oxidant & free radical, refining lines and reduce pigments.

This magical flowerjelly lipbalm when applied on your lips will provide lightpink shade, also known-¹as colour-changing  according to your body temperature. It may turns into darker pink or lighter pink depends if your body is cold or warm.

This lipbalm is pink crystal clear with a Brazilian dried flower inside. The gold dust is edible type while the jelly (the lipstick body) is made from plants extract which are safe to use. It does not artificial chemical or harmful ingredients.

Free Engraving
Free Facial Mask

RM 128.00

Free Sample - De' Magic Treatment Lip Balm

It is rich with cherry extract which provides good nutrients to our lips; carotene and honey beeswax that protect and moisturize lips; vitamin E which is anti-oxidant & radical-free, refining lines and reducing pigments. Moisturizes dry lips, cracked and chapped lips.

Features :
- Handmade using 100% natural ingredients.
- Colour changes according to body temperature (pink shade).
- No artificial chemicals.
- Safe for all ages, including pregnant ladies and children.

* Entitled 1 sample per address. Add-on RM 3 each.

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Pamper yourself and your loved ones with Handmade Gift Paradise’s delightful products! From their ever-popular AIMÉ Mid Autumn Special Puer Tea Giftbox to the luxurious AIMÉ Tea Lipcare Giftset, all of Handmade Gift Paradise’s crafts are handmade from 100% natural ingredients, and is completely free from artificial chemicals, making them perfectly safe for pregnant women and children. Catering to corporate events as well as personal needs, check out Handmade Gift Paradise @DeGiftParadise on Facebook today!


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