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On its own, art is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but its true beauty goes beyond what we can see and lies instead in what we experience and how we feel when viewing it. Having been fascinated by the intricacies of art since he was a young child, Sashtri Vivekananda has spent many years creating beautiful pieces, and now specialises in hand and brush work, particularly in life-like portraits.

Over the years, Sashtri’s designs have won many competitions and gained recognition for its unique style. Among some of the awards he has won would include the Tropicana Life Street Tee Competition, Samsung Corby Colour Me Challenge, Parkson’s Passport to Style: Europe, Maybank’s Expressions of the Malayan Tiger and more. In addition to portraits, Sashtri is also skilled in designing award-winning product packaging, helping the brand stand out from the rest.


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