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Read My Lips

Each beautiful piece chosen as a statement piece of art is cool, humorous, urbane, sensual, and edgy. Street wear art that is ultra-planetary, mega-fantasy, super-cosmic, and each masterpiece is curiously made for the wearer like a language. The bold uniqueness of the Read My Lips necklace requires no more explanation. There are no two designs identical, and the only constant is surprise. This is a statement item that doesn't need to be explained. A brooch may be transformed into a hair clip, a necklace, a ring, or even a bangle! Create with a wow factor in mind!

The sky is the limit, speak to the angels on your ideas and style. We will inspire you through inspirations. Our promise, these stratospherically statements will completely sweep your feet off!

RM 10000.00

Be Original

The colour pallet of diamonds and jewels fascinates. We enjoy stacking all of the colours to create a rainbow effect, which is a unique way to honour and celebrate the diversity of life and ethnicity across the world. Every happy glittering item, regardless of size, shape, colour, status, or background, serves as a sign of pride, unity, love, and, most importantly, a reminder to love boldly. A symbol of choosing to see the bright side of things and using obstacles as motivators to grow better and wiser in this new decade.

The sky is the limit! What’s your happytology theory?

RM 2800.00

Pierce and Hoops

This beginning craft, which includes huggies, studs, and hoops, is a delightful way to start the decade! Angels think that the proper set of earrings can make you glow, and that they work even better than make-up. Designed to serve as a reminder of their own self-worth at "all ages and phases of their lives." In equal parts contemporary and elegant.

RM 2800.00


Grafiti Angel's Coal line adds a touch of contemporary opulence to exquisite jewellery. Handcrafted on solid European 18k Gold with a manly colour and accented with cognac diamonds and black diamonds, this is the ultimate stylish but unisex design. Set on an eternity pave ring with roping accents, this piece exudes a stunning and unique modern elegance.

RM 5500.00

Perfect Timing

This timeless collection symbolises forevermore, much like the midnight stars that light the sky. Combining the two most vital aspects of life, luck and love. Designed to go with every outfit and be worn every day, even in the shower.

From the classic combination of brilliant round cut diamonds to fancy diamonds cuts, like pear, hearts, emerald cut diamonds. You can even mix the shapes with the options to do half eternity, three-quarters or full eternity.

Rings - From RM4,800
Bracelet - From RM7,000
Necklace - From RM15,000

RM 4800.00

Say It With Diamonds

“Say it with diamonds”
Express your feelings of love and happiness in your own language. A lovely souvenir and a gift that, thanks to freedom of expression and originality, will become a valuable heritage.

Say it with diamonds jewellery is made up of your favourite word encrusted with pavè diamonds. The beauty, in any font you that speaks to you - lower case or upper case strung on our link chain made up of Belgium round brilliant cut white diamonds or even your favourite colour gemstones of 0.05ct to 0.6ct.

RM 3880.00

Cupid Ring For Her & Him

She will say yes after that. There aren't any rules, and there aren't any restrictions! A lovely pair of rings made just for the two of you.

For Him:
Classic yet contemporary practical modern wedding band. Set beautifully on a solid 18k Gold fine band in the thickness and combination of his choice. Be it rounded, sharp cool edges, mix gold bands- the comfort of his style.

For Her:
A modern wedding band of pave diamonds. Set beautifully on a solid 18k Gold with an engraved love note within. Build on a pave band of 0.15ct white brilliant cut diamonds with any choice of diamond shapes or gemstones.

RM 2800.00

Gold Medallion

“He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior.”
Combining past and present, this unisex piece represents power, grandeur, and confidence.

The Gold Medallion is 12mm high x 12mm width. Crafted from solid European 18k Gold matte or polished finishing. Personalise with Diamond Initials or star signs formed by a total of 0.05ct to 0.15ct (E-F Colour, VS Clarity) Belgium brilliant round cut white diamonds.

RM 2800.00

Cupid Proposal Ring

A creative and daring way to show off your inner angel. The Ring that will undoubtedly alter your life in the next season!

Non cliché yet with your personal touch, initials of a pair of lovers are encased into the setting that holds the GIA Certified Diamond. Set beautifully on a solid 18k Gold with or without diamonds on the band. The main star would be a solitaire which GIA Certified Diamond of 0.3ct onwards (Carat sizes and shapes of diamond is entirely your pick!

RM 6000.00

Diamond Angel

“Shine Bright and Soar”
With our unique Diamond Angel line, you can break all the boundaries and set yourself free.

The Grafiti Angel’s Diamond Angel Necklace is 12mm high x 32mmm width x 7mm thick. Crafted from solid European 18k Gold. This three dimensional pavè diamond is made of 0.37ct (E-F Colour, VS Clarity) Belgium brilliant round cut white diamonds.

Along in this collection, the Diamond Angel Ring and Diamond Angel Earrings.

RM 6980.00

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Established in 1999, Bludiamond is a reputable fine jewellery wholesaler and one of the few jewellers in Malaysia that has truly mastered the art of GIA-approved diamonds. For over two decades, Bludiamond has been committed to crafting intricately detailed jewellery in a way that shows off the diamonds’ natural brilliance, from which they’ve received excellent reviews from consumers.

Co-founded by the ever artistic Lilian Lo, a designer who has been manufacturing jewellery since she was 18, it’s no wonder that Bludiamond has flourished under her guidance and grew to be the distinguished company we all know today. Under Bludiamond, she has also built an in-house brand called Grafiti Angel, which specialises in bespoke diamond jewellery that has been worn by many well-known figures, including singer Yuna and members of Malaysian Royalty as well.

If the ever-classic solitaire diamond is what you are looking for, Bludiamond offers thousands of GIA certified diamonds and pieces that would suit all kinds of budgets, saving you the time and effort of wandering from shop to shop, checking out prices.

For more information, do visit, and for more beautiful pictures of their featured pieces, follow and like them at and On the other hand, if you’d like to know more about their in-house brand Grafiti Angel, do drop by


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