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To live well would be a luxury, but to live freely - well, that’d be an adventure. If you’ve ever wondered if the world has anything greater in store for you, or if you’ve ever stared out of the window and wished you were out seeking a great beyond, this one is for you.

On paper, Explorer Outfitter may seem like any other outdoor adventure retail shop, but with just one step into their store, it’s easy to understand why it’s called an ‘experiential shop’. Between the aisles of adventure equipment, there’s an unmistakable kind of muted excitement in the air, brewing among the shoppers. Regardless of where they’re going, simply being there represents the very beginning of an unforgettable experience.

Explorer Outfitter caters to all sorts of travellers, stocking items ranging from gear for small hiking trips to heavy-duty tools for months-long expeditions. One of their product highlights is the Explorer Andes 6P Tent, a rain and insect-proof tent that fits up to 6 people comfortably. Suitable for a fun weekend family getaway or a longer excursion, this tent can provide ample shelter from the elements, while also giving your camping trip the touch of warmth it needed.

Explorer Outfitter’s passion for the outdoors doesn’t just end with their store. Founded by tried and true adventurer, Thomas Foo, he and his team are dedicated to developing and improving explorers’ experiences by also organizing countless outdoor-related events, from smaller-scale workshops to overland expeditions. Tag along on their adventures by following their YouTube account at For more updates, do follow them on their social media pages: Instagram (, Facebook (, and Twitter (


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