Here, we provide wide open spaces for artisans to display the 3 Best Sellers, and showcase their handicrafts and talents. Interested visitors can take a trip to their individual online sites to explore and find out more about our artisans and their offers.

We strive to create ethically made products that are unique to another. Our products are locally sourced and crafted carefully with love. We have a range of ready-made items and welcome any personalization or gifting ideas! Everything is sincerely from our hearts to yours.
Little Daisy
BuyRM 19.00
Purple Power (1 Set)
BuyRM 19.00
Yellow Petals
BuyRM 19.00

Your concept store for fun in the sun, Bina Sinar showcases hand-made and artisan items ranging from casual daily wear to beach getaway getups and interior décor. Mix, match and set your own style where fashion shines without boundaries.

Organic Fabric Mask
BuyRM 39.00
BuyRM 98.00
Yukata Unisex
BuyRM 198.00
Redefine your style with Sophia by Shirley’s unique range of handwoven vintage kimono handbags, clutches and evening bags. Having sold over 2,500 pieces since 2016, Sophia by Shirley’s designs are the embodiment of sophistication, and are always evolving according to the most current fashion trends.

Free shipping within Malaysia through PosLaju will be provided!
Grand Phoenix Obi Silk Tote
BuyRM 650.00
Peacock Vintage Kimono Handbag
BuyRM 550.00
Mandarin Ducks Obi Silk Clutch
BuyRM 500.00
For over a decade, Jenny’s Premier Cakes & Cookies have been baking all sorts of delicious treats and goodies by adding their own unique twist on traditional Indonesian recipes. Using only the best quality ingredients paired with strictly sanitary baking practices, there’s no better place to satisfy your craving for fresh-out-of-the-oven cakes and cookies!
Home made delicious cookies with assorted flavours, Best Seller !
All time favourite home made authentic layers cake with four flavours
BuyRM 200.00
Home made authentic layers cake with cinnamon and a few herbs flavour
BuyRM 190.00
Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled assists disabled friends in starting businesses with the concept of transnational cooperation and social enterprise.

By choosing Beautiful Gate coffee, you not only have a healthy cup of coffee and stimulate good memories for your taste buds, but also contribute to the cause of disability services in Malaysia and increase the motivation for the disabled to move towards independence.

All profits from the coffee will be used to pay for the disabled people’s wages and to fund the operation of the Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled.
Beautiful Gate Premium Drip Bag Coffee 5 Sachets
BuyRM 25.00
Beautiful Gate Premium Drip Bag Coffee 10 Sachets
BuyRM 45.00
Beautiful Gate Premium Roasted Coffee Beans 200gms
BuyRM 40.00

Established in 2013, Innoteq Apex Sdn Bhd is the official distributor in Malaysia for Targus brand, promoting the products throughout Malaysia market via different channels. We specialize in Targus bags, luggage, computer accessories and travel products. Pioneering the notebook carrying case category, we partnered with corporations, retailers, and OEMs to provide the best possible protection for notebook PCs.

Targus California 15
BuyRM 394.80
Targus California 15
BuyRM 442.80
Targus California 15
BuyRM 502.80

Mageline is a premium natural skincare which advocates 'Enjoying Natural Beauty Without Makeup'. Combining natural ingredients with advanced technology, Mageline helps every woman regain and maintain beautiful, healthy and youthful skin without makeup.

Mageline 3-Step Skincare Set
BuyRM 240.00
Mageline Reverse Time Essence
BuyRM 455.00
Mageline Fairy Eye Cream
BuyRM 290.00
Our honey is harvested from the mountains of East Java Indonesia.  Due to the fresh air and rich volcanic ash content, the plants are naturally fertile, producing rich and quality nectar.  Our honey is unprocessed and unpasteurized.  Thus, all the nutrients are well contained in each jar.  It is naturally sweet and best for health!
A Jar Full of Goodness 250g
BuyRM 45.00
A Jar Full of Goodness 350g (1 bottle)
BuyRM 63.00
A Jar Full of Goodness 500g
BuyRM 80.00

Your neighborhood printshop offering a variety of designing and printing services for business cards, customized stickers, invitation cards etc.

Perniagaan Emerald Brilliant has a long history in garment manufacturing, with 40 years of business experience since 1973. Our company specializes on exquisite oriental clothing, nightgowns, Chinese fashion, suits, exquisite Malay fashion and all kind of UNIFORM.

August Beauty is an online beauty services provider that introduced convenience into beauty. You pick how you want to look, and we send our beauty professionals straight to your doorstep.
Pave your way to a healthy and ethical future with Eumicare, a brand that specializes in personalizing beauty and healthcare products for every customer. Since 2015, Eumicare has been guaranteeing their clients high quality and affordable products that are only sourced naturally and sustainably. Stay close to nature by using their CDC-compliant hand sanitizers, and stay tuned for more upcoming products in the near future.

Hypoallergenic/Child Friendly/KKM Approved/Food Grade Alcohol/Natural Ingredients
Easy Carry (50 ml)
BuyRM 18.90
Family Size (500 ml)
BuyRM 76.90
Basic Care (600 ml)
BuyRM 105.50
Nak Order Ayam, ikan, daging, sayur & lain lain.  Roger kami ! Order Hari ini besok sampai ! Masa penghantaran bergantung pada Runner antara jam 8am-11pm  012-887 1149 Harizon

Penghantaran Seluruh Lembah Klang, KL, Putrajaya dan Sekitarnya. Caj Penghantaran RM15.

PROMO SALMON Steak Cut or Fillet Cut 200g
BuyRM 9.99
SAWI (500G +/-)
BuyRM 3.00
BuyRM 16.99

Air-purifying gel and spray incorporates the amazing anti-microbial properties of pure Australian Tea Tree Oil – certified and laboratory tested.  100% natural, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.  Keep your home and work environmentally healthy.  Products made in New Zealand and Australia.

Home Pack
BuyRM 270.00
NZ Hand Sanitiser for sensitive hands
BuyRM 112.51
Trial Pack
BuyRM 171.60

Looking for meaningful gifts for your loved ones? Or something special for yourself? Check out the variety of personalised & unique fabric products here.

Songket Framed Bags Set
BuyRM 225.00
Indigo Shibori Framed Bag
BuyRM 220.00
Yosei Framed Bag
BuyRM 200.00
TAS is a line of handmade bags by Woman of Substance.  The selection of fabric and design are carefully considered for the delight of customers, offering choice to match preferences & occasion.  Great gift items too !
Handprinted Batik from Penang (1 Unit)
BuyRM 110.00
Tis the Season Tartan. Adorn with favorite accessories or simply on its own (1 Unit)
BuyRM 110.00
Luxurious cotton with a satin finish, for day or night. Wood handles (1 Unit)
BuyRM 90.00

We provide doctors, nurses and medical professionals to answer your medical needs in the comfort and privacy of your home or workplace.

We love cakes and we love making them a whole lot more. If you're on the lookout for cakes for a special occasion, or just want to have a dessert feast with your family and friends, The Cakery is the way to go, and we will bring it right to your doorstep.

We specialise in designing and outfitting individuals/teams with top-notch merchandise that will showcase and flatter your every move on and off the field.

We believe that nothing beats, high-quality everyday wear that gives you long-lasting comfort. S-T-U-F strives to craft affordable clothing, with one of the world's best multi-functional fibres that benefit not only you but also, our dear planet. We pledge to provide unparalleled comfort and to keep you looking good in our essential wear. We also ensure your choice of clothing helps save the environment for future generations. Hence, S-T-U-F stands for 'Solve The Unpleasant Feeling' and 'Save The Uncertain Future'.

White Phantom T-shirt
BuyRM 120.00
Black Ablaze T-shirt
BuyRM 120.00
White Ablaze T-shirt
BuyRM 120.00

Clement Heng had an exciting 30-year career as an employee in various multi-national companies, ranging from the largest local financial group to a Fortune 500 Company. He started his career in 1984 as a Business Development Executive, taking charge and leading two District Managers and eight Staff Managers with 50 agency members.

Must Read Book For Higher Productivity
BuyRM 34.30
Must Read Book For Higher Productivity
BuyRM 34.30